…”The Artist… is the self that the brush holdeth”…

…”O’ Canvas… for thee i hold my tool”…


Greetings and Galactic Salutations from the Great Foil Hat Collective!!

My Name is Mark Wolfe… Otherwise known as Mochitoki or Mochi for short.

I am a California born and raised being of creative, social and loving intention.

These “web pages” hold space and visual representation of the world in which i live. My passions, my heart and soul and connections/links to those i support in their similar endeavors of Expression and Love.

As if i could express in words who or what i am…

You may know me throughout the community, tribe or social world as a quiet or energetic person(depending on my varying moods and interest). You may have even seen me Spinning and Dancing with Fire, On bouncy Stilts, Wearing Magnificent costumes and embodying the persona of that character with high intention. Perhaps i have created a custom piece of art, sculpture or painted your body? I may have even been lucky enough to share time and energy with you as your tattoo artist!

All of these expressions of my world are reflections of my inner self… and my desire to share them with you and the world around us.

Life is beautiful. Our Community Magical. Our Tribes connected and Powerful.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed your foray into my little corner of the interwebbings… 😉

Much Love and Happiness to you and yours!